Cuddle With THIS Post-Coital

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Screw boyfriends, this cuddle buddy will never roll over and feign exhaustion rather than spooning you after a rowdy romp in the sheets.

Yes, “My After Sex Buddy” is here!

That’s right, for just $19.99, biddies can buy this plush little pillow to snuggle with while their partners pass out on the other side of the bed. This way, both sexy parties are happy; the man can relax, and the woman can get that affection she so obviously craving. And, since this little guy is wearing a pair of cute boxer briefs, it’s totally legit, right?


Wait, you don’t want to cuddle with an unresponsive piece of cotton after sex? What’s that you say, you desire affection after making sweet, sweet love to your man? You don’t want to play big spoon to a pillow?

Well, I guess he’ll work for one night stands…

One thought on “Cuddle With THIS Post-Coital

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